Our Mission

At BreakThrough! we know that 80% of behavioral health weight loss programs fail to produce long-term positive results because healthcare is often practiced in silos.

We believe healthcare providers deserve an integrative, progressive approach. Our evidenced-based program encourages patients to become stakeholders in their recovery from the underlying mental health conditions that contribute to metabolic disorders.

Patients gain knowledge, insight, and skills that improve awareness and self-esteem so they can enjoy sustainable recovery.

Our Core Values

At BreakThrough! we respect individuality to promote inclusivity. We are passionate about transparency and accountability to deliver an exceptional experience to healthcare providers. We are:

Heather Hamilton

Founder of BreakThrough!

Dr. Heather Hamilton is a former airline executive, pilot, and director of airline training, fleet acquisition, and safety programs. She is passionate about research and developing practical approaches to challenging problems. 

Heather began making waves at the age of 15 when she became one of the few young women to graduate from Flint School aboard the tall ship Te Vega and spent the following five years running fishing boats in Alaska before setting her sights on college where she became a pilot and received her Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science.

Following a debilitating accident, Heather returned to school and completed 2 Master of Science degrees in Psychology and Mental Health Counseling, as well as earning her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She practices in Washington state and regularly travels to conduct BreakThrough! Workshops.

Her career in mental health began with the prestigious Talbott Recovery Center in Atlanta, where she specialized in treating mood, personality, and addictive disorders. She has worked with primary care providers to develop comprehensive programs for adults and adolescents struggling with mental health issues and weight management.

Dr. Hamilton is a member of the American Counseling Association, American Psychological Association, American Diabetes Association, Obesity Medicine Association, National Board of Certified Counselors, and the National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors.

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