Sustainable Weight Loss and Mental Health Wellness Program for Your Patients

Address the Underlying Mental Health Issues that Contribute to Metabolic Disorders

80% of weight loss programs fail to achieve long-term results because compartmentalization of healthcare services make it difficult to implement an integrated approach.

BreakThrough! is your comprehensive resource you can use to leverage sustainable change for your patients. We provide on-site and virtual tools that support the doctor-patient relationship through recovery from the emotional and mental health conditions that result from metabolic disorders.

Endorsed by the American Counseling Association and National Board for Certified Counselors, BreakThrough! is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with healthcare providers, weight loss clinics, treatment programs, trained coaches, and community support groups. To date, BreakThough! has successfully helped over 2,800 participants transform into better health with an average of 22 pounds lost over a 12-week period.

Your Integrated Healthcare Resource

Our BreakThough! curriculum centers on evidenced-based psychological practices that focus on the mood states, environments, and behaviors that lead to emotional eating and weight gain. Topics include depression, anxiety, trauma, family dynamics, addiction, brain health, and environmental conerns.

Each session blends psychoeducation, participant interaction, skill-building, and introspective exercises by incorporating goals and objects according to topic.

Avoid Healthcare Provider Burnout and Empower Patients to Do the Work

We understand your expertise and time is in high demand. That is why we have made learning to facilitate the BreakThrough! program easy and customizable to fit your needs.

Our HIPPA-compliant program includes an online learning platform, a 230-page course text and workbook, and additional educational and supportive resources designed to shift the work of recovery from practitioners to patients to avoid provider burn-out.

“Imagine how you will feel knowing you can provide integrative healthcare resources to multiple patients at one. Stop feeling apprehensive about long-term results and start experiencing sustainable health for your patients and their loved ones.”

- Heather Hamilton, Ph.D

Founder of BreakThrough!

Become a BreakThrough! Provider Today

Schedule a Consultation

Meet with the BreakThrough! team to discuss goals based on your practice, patient, and staff needs to ensure success for both your practice and patients.

Develop Your Customized Plan

Once we discuss your goals our team will design a custom implementation plan for your practice. We also offer re-branding services for all materials to ensure a consistent client experience.

Transform Patient Health

Your team receives access to our online BreakThrough! course, facilitation training with supplemental material, and administrative support and access to interactive Q&A webinars.

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